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Photographs and videos have become an integral part of everyday life today. You will rarely come across someone who doesn’t willfully pose for a camera, including babies and pet animals; and if there’s no one to click, there’s the god-given selfie! Obviously, things were quite different some 40 years ago. Back then it was a status symbol right up to the Polaroid fad, which explains why we have so few photographs of our own childhood and why each of those photographs is a treasure. A camera was therefore a cherished object, even though one had to buy expensive photo film, plan every click, and then get it washed and printed! By today’s standards, I started my dalliance with Photography rather late, and with little clue that it would turn into an affair of a lifetime. My work made a camera affordable, so I progressed through the likes of Click 3, Isoly, Olympus and Minolta. Each of these cameras helped me to click photos; I never understood the basic principles of photography and how a camera works. That part of my learning came through my association with Late Dr. Kasaravalli G Ravish, an extraordinary, multifaceted individual. He took me through the basic mechanics, explained what is to be chosen when and why, encouraged me to experiment. With his backing, I understood how to better handle a camera, what composition is, how to develop & print my own B&W photographs, grading of films, enlargement and more. Eventually I chose landscape photography as my area of interest. Then I came across the concept of Zones in photography as propagated by Ansel Adams. I read most of his books on zone system to improve upon my learning. Here, Dr. Ravish guided me so earnestly that it became deeply embedded in my consciousness. When I visited USA much later in life, I made it a point to visit the Ansel Adams photo exhibition and relive the learnings. Throughout our association, Dr. Ravish constantly chipped in with a keen interest, a selfless commitment and constant guidance; some of my cherished photography awards – both national and international – came during this period. These awards and accolades brought me more maturity to look at photography through a different lens. But my urge to ‘click first’ continued, and I trekked throughout the country clicking photographs all along the way from the Valley of Flowers to the Himalayas, River Ganga, the forests & hills of the Malnad region in Karnataka, deserts of Rajasthan, down to the beaches of Kanyakumari. I just went clicking whatever I liked. Once while touring the Himalayas, I came across Raghubir Singh’s monumental work on the Ganga. Poring through his photographs, my mind raced in several directions at once, before settling down to one resolve: I too should pick a subject that merits this kind of single-minded devotion. After a year or so, I started capturing the many moods & facets of River Sharavathi in Karnataka, whose beauty & significance any Kannadiga would vouch for. River Tunga, which is a close neighbor to Sharavathi, attracted my attention next. The broader riverine environment, complete with the places on their banks and their history, the associated flora & fauna, all have kept me enthralled in recent years. Bird photography is also an offshoot of this experience. Trekking in Nature’s abundance and breathing in her bounty is an added bonus. Today, it is no longer about the cameras I’ve used, places I’ve been to, technology I’ve learned to employ, or the beauty I’ve managed to capture. There is nothing else that gives me such immense joy that I regard it as a worthy legacy I can leave behind. Here in this website I share my photographic experiences from my frequent journeys since 2010. Some places are not only naturally endowed, they are also great reminders of the principles upon which the landscape of Life itself has unfurled.  I am sure you will be enthused. Happy browsing. hoki123

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