The merger of a river into a sea is not as simple as we may imagine it to be. Twice every day, the sea surges forth and stalls the river which is seeking to enter sea waters. When low tide sets in, the sea opens its arms wide and welcomes the river water to merge with it, which it does in all gaiety. Twice every day the river is spurned, when all it is trying to do is become one with the sea, which is its destiny. It is looking forward to complete a natural process, and the sea has its own call. So the river has to wait. There is a striking parallel here… The Devout ceaselessly pray to the Almighty to accept them, so they can become one with the Supreme and attain Salvation. But the Almighty has a different plan. Our moment comes when it has to, and till then we have to keep trying. You see, the identity given to you was not meant to be given up so easily!



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