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Chowdeshwari is a manifestation of Devi Parvathi and her devotees spread far & wide across Karnataka. People believe that they can safeguard all their belongings by simply dedicating them to Devi. Vast stretches of paddy and arecanut plantations, a small hotel, an autorickshaw... it doesn't matter. Just notify that 'This property is protected by Sri Sigandooreshwari' and rest easy! At the temple, devotees approach a small enclosure outside the sanctum in a queue; they are allowed inside the enclosure in batches, made to sit down in front of the Devi and the pooja is performed exclusively for that batch. In this manner, every one gets an equal opportunity to witness the idol and its worship. The temple is maintained very neatly both inside and outside. Free meals are served as Prasada to all devotees. The journey, the temple experience and the surroundings collectively leave an indelible impression on every visitor. Some people visit the temple quite often.



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