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Bheemeshwara Temple of Aralagodu is another beautiful destination in the proximity of Sharavathi backwaters that promises pristine beauty and some adventure; it is a well-kept secret because it lies at the end of a slushy cul-de-sac and it's more tempting to drop the idea despite the lure of a waterfall during monsoons. However, if one does manage to reach this place, it will immediately win the heart with its unspoilt riches. The road from Saagara takes you to Jog Falls Circle; take a left turn and proceed along Bhatkal Road, passing Kargal & Muppane along the way. You will reach Kogar Ghat which has cement roads; drive down another 3 km and you will find a board to your right, pointing the way to Bheemeshwara. You will have to trek from this point in the rainy season. At other times, you may drive down as far as you can, and then start walking.



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