Sharavati project is awasome. After conducting lot of surveys, Linganamakki place was selected which 13 kms from earlier Hirebhaskara dam. and for balancing resrvoir Talakalale place near down stream of Vattakki village. This project was necessary and inevitable to the development of Karnataka. Linganamakki and Talakalale dams is of unimaginable size. For Linganamakki dam only 40,000 cubic feet of surkigare was required. Around 260 motorised mills were there to prepare surkigare. Total requirement of of stones and stone powder to make surkigare for both dams were 55 lakhs cubic feet. The entire dam is three times of Krishnarajasagara dam at Mysore. The soil removed for the foundation 18 crores cubic feet. Total stone used for both dams were 5.5 crores cubic feet. This is almost equal to putting a wall throughout karnataka state.Thousands of manpower was brought from Tamilnadu. The capacity of Linganamakki dam is 152 tmc. This has engulfed earlier Hirebhaskara dam. This old dam is now fully merged under Sharavati water and during peak summer the dam will be visible.



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