This fort of historic importance was built by the Keladi rulers who ruled from 1499 to 1763 (263 years). During this long reign, different kings chose different locations as their capitals for different reasons - Keladi for 12 years, Ikkeri for 125 years, Bidanur for 63 years and Kavaledurga for 63 years. In 1561, Veerabhadranayaka made BIdanuru his capital and the illustrious Shivappa Nayaka (1645 –1665) also ruled from here. He fortified it further and added many a structure. His successor too ruled from here till it was attacked in 1763 A.D. by Haider Ali. Bidanur was renamed Haider Nagar and as time flowed, only Nagara remained on people's tongues.



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