Banks of Tunga River

During my childhood, I traveled with my parents. For my schooling, I stayed in Mysuru. Yet the greatest lure was Shivamogga, my mother’s hometown where my cousins lived. So did my grandmother, at a stone’s throw away from River Tunga as it coursed through the town. There were as many pastimes then as there are memories today, and diving into Tunga is a priceless one among them. With Time propelling us, we whizzed through many an activity, while the landscape and the people in it would stand in a blur. Never once did we pause to think that we could actually sit under a tree and chat!! Things that we took for granted. Things that return unannounced after decades to haunt us no end.

All of us grew up and went our different ways, keeping in touch during occasions of joy & sorrow. Regrouping in the sundown years, recollecting precious little things, relishing the little triggers that set off long-lasting rumbles…. reliving the past in short. This has certainly been a lot fulfilling. Thus, when I heard this song on Tunga a few times over, my Nikon came into my hand. Off I went again with these same cousins of mine, and many others too, seeking to capture the many moods of Tunga as she flows through different terrains. From Sringeri, the holy town where Tunga asserts herself and a place where my father took me often, to Kudali, my grandfather’s village where Tunga receives Bhadra to become Tungabhadra, I wandered for 2 years over some 3000 km of Tunga basin across seasons. After about 7000 clicks and a few hours of flying the drone, here’s what I have to offer you…..